Advanced Security Solutions

Integrated Security Management System

When it comes to Security system, we are true believers of a layered approach that ensures a balanced & coherent involvement of people, technologies & Processes.  

Our integrated Security management systems group assists our enterprise customers to work through complex business and technology issues to provide a straight forward approach to security systems. Our security professionals bring deep technology skills and industry knowledge to your organization and work closely with you to design and implement a security solution that is aligned with your business objectives.

Security Management System

State-of-the-art applications that integrate the most advanced security technologies with innovative networking capabilities to bring you full-featured security solutions serving any size facility.
Through state of art system solutions offering unique integration capabilities on one platform of the previous security parameters for effective centralized management control.

Access Control System

Gives the ability to permit or deny the use of a particular resource by a particular entity. Access control mechanisms can be used in managing physical resources, logical resources or digital resources. We offer secure authentication, encryption & more for you peace of mind.

Intrusion Detection System

An IDS is software and/or hardware designed to detect unwanted attempts at accessing, manipulating, and/or disabling of computer systems, mainly through a network.

Enterprise IP video surveillance

Enterprise IP video surveillance is a video surveillance architecture that manages and records large quantities of IP-based surveillance cameras using Enterprise Software Architecture. At ATCC, we use emerging technologies and a unique approach to empower our customers to do anything, anytime, and anywhere.

Closed Circuit Television

Use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. It differs from broadcast television in that the signal is not openly transmitted, though it may employ point to point wireless links. A more advanced form of CCTV, utilizing Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), provides recording for possibly many years, with a variety of quality and performance options and extra features (such as motion-detection and email alerts). Our competent & certified security consultants and engineers will deliver a combination of integrated solutions to design and implement an end to end solution adopting defense-in-Depth

Structure cabling systems

The basic requirement of and intelligent building is a consistent and scalable unified cabling infrastructure. Cabling infrastructure should be one that will be flexible for the requirements of the day and for the next 15 – 25 years. This infrastructure meets the high-speed data, voice and video communication requirements. In the present of convergence of data, voice, control, management and audio visual over the Ethernet a well designed cabling infrastructure is essential for an intelligent building where technologies are implemented.

Interactive & IPTV Systems

ATCC provides an IPTV of free to air channel and pay TV through unified structure cabling system. IPTV system allows us to add more Visual application i.e. (Digital Signage).

Public Address Systems

An advanced system for general audio distribution over multiple subnets which makes extensive use of multicast, to address many stations at the same time, keeping traffic low. Possibility of enjoying Background music in public areas and useful for conveying messages in case of emergencies.